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Esma Group manufacturing, and installing high-quality steel frames for residential, commercial, and industrial buildings. Steel is a popular choice for windows and doors because of its strength, durability, and safety.Moreover Steel frames are able to withstand heavy winds, extreme temperatures, and heavy rainfall without warping, corroding or deteriorating and we are located in Kannur & Kasargod Dist, Cerupuzha, Payyanur.

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Strong and secure
One of the key benefits of steel windows and doors is their strength and security.
Value for money
Steel windows and doors can provide good value for money due to their durability, safety, and low maintenance requirements
Fire resistant
Steel windows and doors can provide excellent fire resistance due to the inherent properties of steel. Steel is a non-combustible material.
Steel windows and doors can be eco-friendly due to their durability, energy efficiency, and recyclability.
Weather resistance
Steel windows and doors are highly weather-resistant, making them an ideal choice for buildings located in areas with harsh weather conditions.
Steel frames can be designed to meet specific design requirements, with a range of options for customization.
Easy to use
They typically come with features like easy-to-use handles, smooth and quiet operation, and secure locking systems that are simple to use.
High durability
Steel is a strong and robust material that is resistant to warping, rotting, and corrosion, making it an ideal choice for windows and doors.